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Our technology

Laser cutting service


New fiber laser cutting machine (40 000 watts) Automatic loader and unloader and handling and protection of raw materials.

  • Cutting bench 3000x 1500
  • The temperature is very low, thus preventing alteration and residual tension in the material and improves the quality of the cutting finish in particular hard materials
  • Repeatabilyty precision: 0,5 mm.
  • Cost effective for few units

Water jet cutting service


Waterjet technology, projects water at pressure up to 4000 bars. Versatile, suitable and precise cutting for all type of materials.

  • Cutting bench 4000 x 2000 and 3000 x 1500
  • Eliminates finishing processes
  • Repeatabilyty precision: 0,2 mm
  • Cost effective for few units

Easycut service


ATOM EASYCUT with Flashcut. Automatic cutting with projector.

  • Cutting bench/ table 1500 x 1500
  • Cutting heads for up to 15 mm material thickness
  • Suited of thickness in cardboard, Teflon®, graphite, elastomer, silicone, ceramic fiber, aromatic polyamide 2000 mm and rubber 10 mm

Integral manufacturing

We are an established service centre that outsources all services suited to work in industries such as : metallurgy, petrochemistry, industrial equipment manufacturers, automotive, railway, food industry, aviation industry, naval workshops, industrial boiler manufacturers, industrial sheet and mechanised equipment.

Advantages of our services and equipment

We do not alter the properties of cut materials

We do not use chemical products or contaminants

Best cutting performance and maximum productivity

24 hs. delivery service

  • Industrial cutting service provider
  • Our services are designed to solve all types of cuttings and sheet bending to manufacture pieces in a variety of materials
  • Cutting jobs for all big variety of materials with diameters from 0,05 mm to 200 mm
  • Our raw materials hold the 3.1 certified FDA approved elastomer
  • We can provide high quality cutting for both low and high thickness materials, flexible and 2D
  • Accurate and precise production guaranteed
  • We work with Stainless steel type 304,304L,316 and 316L. Hot and cold rolling processes, 2B and Duplex 2101- 2304
  • Quotes, technical services, production planning
  • Great variety of stocked materials
  • We offer fast and competitive services relying on the best technological innovations with a great variety of stocked materials at our client’s service
  • 24 -hour service on demand
  • Sole cutting head for all thickness offering high performance and minimal maintenance costs
  • Advanced artificial vision : thanks to this technology our machines perfectly detect the position of sheets and can mechanically reshape any piece
  • Polished metal edges : This process improves the general finish of thick stainless - steel pieces, reducing roughness and improving brightness

Quality guaranteed

Our company complies with ISO 9001/2008 standards.

ESINSA stands for quality. Improving our processes and offering outstanding results to our clients in compliance with ISO 9000 standards. The company principles are directed towards client satisfaction, process improvement, quality process control, rejected parts and flaw reduction and productivity increase.

Our values 

Quality in products and client satisfaction.

We stand for excellent products, highly efficient processes and outstanding results. Our clients are at the core of our company therefore we are fully comitted to continuous technological innovations and overall service excellence.


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